Centennial Special Events

The FIP Centennial Congress provided a wonderful opportunity for participants and special guests to take part in activities and  events uniquely planned for this once-in-a-lifetime FIP Congress. Join us in re-living some highlights below, and be sure to visit our Facebook pages for more photos of the Centennial Special Events!


Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands officially opens the FIP Centennial Congress

FIP, KNMP and all Congress participants were honoured to welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands to officially open the Centennial Congress! With one swift push of a button the Princess opened the Centennial Event and revealed the FIP Centennial Declaration, uniting pharmacists around the world in the mission of improving global health.

See more photos of Princess Margriet and of the entire Opening Ceremony here

Signing of the FIP Centennial Declaration

The Centennial Congress was chosen as the venue to release one of FIP's most important documents to date  - the Centennial Declaration. The declaration, which took took the dedication of many FIP officers and experts to prepare, was signed by all present FIP Member Organisations, and signifies our joint, professional commitment to increasing responsible medicines use globally. This Declaration is a prime advocacy tool to increase the role of pharmacists in using medicines more responsibly throughout all settings and in every corner of the world.

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Centennial Welcome Reception - Scheepvart Museum

The Centennial Welcome Reception took place at one of Amsterdam's most historic venues - the Scheepvaart Museum, or the Maritime Museum, which showcases how Dutch culture has been shaped by the sea. Stimulating, interactive exhibits allowed everyone to explore 500 years of maritime history.

Participants were treated to a canal cruise from the RAI Exhibition Centre directly to the Maritime Museum where eveyrone enjoyed an evening of culture, networking and refreshments.

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FIP Fun Run

For the first time in history the FIP Congress hosted a 5km Fun Run for all interested participants, held at the historic Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. It was an early, chilly and VERY wet start for all the dedicated runners who came out at 6:00 that Saturday morning, but motivation and spirit were contageous and everyone finished well-rewarded for their efforts!

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