The Creation of the FIP Centennial

FIP, KNMP and our Sponsors






The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

Founded in 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). Through its 127 Member Organisations FIP represents and serves more than three million practitioners and scientists around the world. 

Both internal and external forces are steering the course of modern healthcare and in turn how each profession can best contribute to it. Recognising this fact, FIP has developed a Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan with the goal of firmly integrating the Federation and those it serves in global healthcare decisions and actions.

In 2012, the FIP celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Such a milestone offered the occasion for much celebration and many special events, all of which were encompassed in the FIP Centennial Congress. The Centennial was the most successful Congress in FIP's history, hosted together with the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP). As a founding Member Organisation of FIP, KNMP is focused on assisting pharmacists in the daily prac­tice, management and quality of their profession. The KNMP formulates a perception of the profes­sion, strives for excellent pharmaceutical care for patients and the provision of drugs and stimulates the scientific practice of the pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands. KNMP was thrilled to co-host this unique event.

Over 5000 pharmacists, scientists, academics and researches came together in FIP's home country of the Netherlands to celerate FIP's vast, rich history and launch the Federation and the profession into a new era.

The 2012 edition of the annual FIP Congress was a turning point for the profession on a global level. In addition to symposia, poster presentations, an extensive exhibition and a vibrant social programme, a high level Ministers Summit and Stakeholder Roundtables have set the stage for the future via a Centennial Declaration, signed by all attending FIP Member Organisations.

The Centennial offered all participants an invaluable venue for enriching their career while at the same time participating in events and decisions that will steer the future of pharmacy and healthcare around the world, all focused on the central theme of Improving Health Through Responsible Medicines Use.

The FIP Centennial Congress would not have been possible without the hard work and support from the members of the Centennial Planning Committees and our Sponsors. 


Centennial Steering Committee
Michel Buchmann, President FIP, Chair
Kamal Midha, Immediate past President FIP, Link to Stakeholders Round Tables Committee
Jan Smits, Link to KNMP
Douwe Breimer, Link to Programme Committee
Ton Hoek, Link to Organizing Committee

Organising Committee
Ton Hoek, Chair
Philip Schneider, Chair of the Programme Committee
Warren Meek, Chair of the Centennial Declaration Committee
Jan Smits, Chair of the Ministers Summit Committee
Léon Tinke, Chair of the Fundraising andE xhibition Committee
Remco Velazques, Chair of the Finance Committee
Marianne Verhoeven, Chair of the Social Events Committee
Oliver van der Spek, Chair Marketing and Communications Committee
Carola van der Hoeff, Congress Director
Mireille Swakhoven, Event Manager
Luc Besançon, Scientific and Professional Affairs
Myriah Lesko, Media and Publications

FIP Centennial Programme Committee 
Philip Schneider, Co-Chair
Martin Schulz, Co-Chair
Luc Besançon, Member
Douwe Breimer, Member
Robert DeChristoforo, Member
Han de Gier, Member
Linda Hakes, Member
Lindsay McClure, Member
Ross McKinnon, Member
Ema Paulino, Member
Geoffrey Tucker, Member
Frans van de Vaart, Member






FIP wishes to thank our numerous sponsors who made the Centennial Congress Possible:






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