Media and Special Publications of the FIP Centennial


The FIP Centennial Congress was a prime venue for the release of news and publications that provide a broad view of the activities of FIP Member Organisations, Practice Sections and Scientific Special Interest Groups.

In addition to core FIP releases, reports and summaries of the FIP Stakeholder Roundtables and the Ministers Summit helped to firmly place FIP on the radar screen of global media and current and potential partners. 


Supporting the Ministers Summit and FIP Stakeholder Roundtables:

Click here to visit the IMS Institute site that hosts extensive data supporting the value of more responsible medicines use, including the full report Advancing the Responsible Use of Medicines

Click here to download the WHO report on The Pursuit of Responsible Use of Medicines: Sharing and Learning from Country Experiences

Click here to see a video of the press conference with Dutch Minister of Health, Edith Schippers and FIP President Dr Michel Buchmann

The FIP Centennial IPJ is now online

FIP is pleased to release the Centennial version of the International Pharmacy Journal (IPJ), which provides a comprehensive overview to all Centennial events. Click here to view the interactive, online issue.





The FIP Member Organisations Village

On the occasion of the FIP Centennial all FIP Member Organisations - numbering 127  - were invited to prepare a poster for what FIP called the Member Organisation Village. The goal of the Village was to showcase the vision and innovation that FIP encompasses through the projects and initiatives of its Member Organisations all over the world.

Click here to visit the public site for FIP Member Organisation posters. In addidion, Member Organisations themselves may visit the Members Only Library on the FIP Website here to browse and download posters from peer Organistions.




FIP Publications released on the occasion of the FIP Centennial:

Impact of Pharmaceutical Sciences on Healthcare            Biowaiver Monographs 2004-2012




From Making Medicines to Optimising Outcomes:              2012 Global Pharmacy Workforce Report
The evolution of a profession 1912-2012