Centennial Stakeholder Roundtables


The FIP Centennial offered the opportunity for key events in global healthcare policy development.

In conjunction with a Ministers Summit on the Added Value of Responsible Medicines Use, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health, FIP convened a series of invitation-only Stakeholders Roundtables.

These Roundtables brought together influential stakeholders from around the world and from a cross-section of sectors to discuss current and relevant issues facing the development and delivery of healthcare now and in the coming era.

While society invests in health through the development, purchase and use of medicines, the benefit of these investments could have a much higher impact on society (in terms of better health outcomes and healthcare savings) if medicines were used in a more responsible way. The Roundtables focused on key issues that when addressed could lead to improved use of medicines and and in turn the realisation of improved global health and more efficient healthcare spending.

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Final Report - click here to download a copy of the FIP Stakeholder Roundtables: Ensuring more responsible medicines use - the pharmaceutical profession takes the lead.



The Roundtables addressed the topics of:

The Right Medicine to the Right Patient

The main focus of  this roundtable was on options/solutions to improve the use of appropriate medicines based on individual patient criteria (and therefore reduce the related cost). This included identifying treatment needs; implementing best clinical guidelines; minimizing medicines interactions; managing poly-pharmacy and optimizing selection of medicines on cost/benefit and securing the supply chain.


  • Scott F. Giberson (Chief Pharmacy Officer U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, USA)
  • Pierre Chirac (Vice-President, Association Mieux Prescrire, France)
  • Kees de Joncheere (Director of Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products, WHO)
  • Masafumi Nogimori (President of IFPMA and Chairman of Astellas)

    Moderated by: Tom Menighan (CEO APhA, USA)

Click the video below to see highlights of the Roundtable on The Right Medicine to the Right Patient:


The main focus of this roundtable was on options/solutions to improve adherence (and therefore reduce the costs related to non-adherence), particularly for chronic patients living with noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, asthma etcetera for whom higher savings are more likely to be obtained. This included patients' inability to manage medication; their lack of motivation; poorly suited medicines and inability to afford medicines.


  • Jack Watters (Vice-President External Medical Affairs, Pfizer)
  • Jackie Parkin (VP Immuno-Inflammation Therapy Area Unit, GSK)
  • Ornella Barra (Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division for Alliance Boots)
  • Durhane Wong-Rieger (Chair of IAPO, Canada)
  • Ab Klink (former Minister of Health, the Netherlands)
  • Thomas Kanyok (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

           Moderated by: John Chave (General Secretary PGEU, Belgium)

Click the video below to see highlights from the Roundtable on Adherence:

The Transformative Power of Shared Information within Health systems

In many other sectors (outside healthcare), information technology has already shown its transformative power. Shared information can be an enabler or facilitator of the solutions discussed in the two first roundtables, whether this information is on patient data (shared pharmaceutical record for instance) or on products (authentication system, track and trace...). This roundtable discussed these solutions, together with barriers and considerations with regards to implementation, such as a multi-stakeholder approach, a robust decision making process and data privacy.


  • Jane Halton (Secretary of the Commenwealth Department of Health and Ageing, Australia)
  • Dennis K. Helling (Kaiser Permanente, USA)
  • Neil Jordan (General Manager of Worldwide Health, Microsoft, USA)
  • Andrew Kress (Senior Vice-President, IMS)
  • Richard Bergstrom (Director General EFPIA, Belgium)

           Moderated by: Ema Paulino (FIP, Portugal)

Click the video below to see highlights from the Roundtable on The Transformative Power of Shared Information:

The conclusions of these three first roundtables were presented at a special hearing of the the Ministers Summit the following day.


Post-Ministers Summit Roundtable on Innovation

 Whereas the three first roundtables discussed short-term solutions (solutions which can be implemented rapidly), the roundtable on innovation provided a longer-term vision of the impact of innovation, both from a technology perspective and a societal perspective. The discussion was based on the results of an international survey among experts inside and outside health sectors on what innovations are most likely to have a major impact on the responsible use of medicines and how it will affect pharmaceutical sector.


  • Durhane Wong-Rieger (Chair of IAPO, Canada)
  • Jonathan Peck (Institute For Alternative Futures, USA)
  • Bert Leufkens (WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis, the Netherlands
  •  Hans Nyctelius (Roland Berger Strategy Consultants)
  • Michel Dutrée (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations and Nefarma, the Netherlands)
  • Lloyd Samson(Special Advisor on National Medicines Policy Framework, Australia)

           Moderated by: Daan Crommelin (FIP/University of Utrecht, the Netherlands)
                                   Douwe Breimer (University of Leiden,  the Netherlands)

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Commentary from some of the Roundtable panelists

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